CUSTOM HOME BUNDLE - Kranzle 10/122 TS

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  • Kranzle - Home Quick Release

    Kranzle 10/122 TS Automatic

    complete with - 

    500mm Flat Jet Lance

    M2000 Long Trigger Gun

    10m High Pressure Hose


    Customise Your Machine to suit your needs ...


    Step One - Choose additional Pressure Washer Accessory

    500mm DirtKiller Lance

    Snow Foam Bottle

    All - DirtKiller + Snow Foam Bottle


    Step Two - Choose to add a Round Cleaner

    No Thanks

    Long UFO With Wheels


    Step Three - Choose Your Wall mounted Accessory

    Stainless Steel Shelf

    Stainless Steel Accessory Holder

    All - Stainless Steel Shelf + Accessory Holder


    What you get:-

    • Kranzle 10/122 TS automatic
    • Standard Long M2000 Gun Trigger
    • 500mm Flat Jet Lance
    • 10m High Pressure Hose
    • Optional 500mm Dirtkiller Lance
    • Optional Snow Foam Lance
    • Optional Ufo with Wheels
    • Optional Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Shelf
    • Optional Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Accessory Holder


    10/122 TS 

    Total-stop system, Auto-shutdown feature improves seal life span and reduces power consumption

    Pressure regulation. Fully adjustable control allows operating pressures to be set to suit any task

    Practical carrying handle, Portable, and space-saving compact design


    Kranzle Foam Bottle

    Foam lances produce a very thick blanket of foam that sticks to the surface very well, helping to break down the build up of traffic film for longer than other methods and also has very impressive looking results.


    DirtKiller Lance

    Dirtkiller lance's give fantastic results when cleaning stone work and block paving, etc. It is very aggressive, you wouldn't want to use it on your car, the spinning pencil jet combines concentrated power over a larger working area enabling you to clean twice as fast.


    UFO With Wheels

    The Round Cleaner UFO is designed for easy and splash-proof cleaning of paved floor areas like entrances, pavements, terraces etc. and walls. Housing parts made of synthetic material resistant to shock and impact, fixing screws and guiding rods made of brass, water leading components made of brass



    Please note: some simple self-assembly is required to fit the wall mounted accessories



  • Technical Data: 

    Operating pressure adjustable bar / MPa: 30-120 / 3-12

    Max. admissible overpressure bar / MPa: 135 / 13.5

    Connected load, V / ~ / Hz / A: 230 / 1 / 50 / 7.5

    Motor speed Rpm: 1400

    Water output l/min & l/h: 7 / 420

    Power intake / Power output kW: 1.6 / 1.0

    Power supply cable, m: 5

    Dimensions (L x W x H) mm: 440 x 200 x 330

    Weight (kg): 23

    Decibes: 84dB

    Equipment To Choose: 

    Steel braided high-pressure hose (m) 10 - 15 - 20

    Trigger gun with safety catch (model) M2000, Quick Release Long, Quick Release Short.

    Dirtkiller lance (nozzle size) 028 (please call)

    Stainless steel lance with flat jet nozzle (nozzle size) M20028, Quick Release Long, Quick Release Short.

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