Spotless (DI RO) Twin Cartridge Resin Water Filter For Car Washing

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  • Spotless (DI RO) Twin Cartridge Resin Water Filter

    Water spots are dried mineral deposits that are left behind when a droplet of water evaporates under the heat of the sun, leaving behind the minerals that were once dissolved in the water. These minerals etch into the surface of the paint/glass of the car and are notoriously hard to shift. The level of etching varies based on factors such as the hardness of the water, the ambient temperature and solar loading the paint surface is subjected to, as well as the porosity and hardness of the clear coat. To mitigate the risk of clear coat damage from the minerals suspended in the water, they need to be removed through the deionisation process

    Deionisation of water is the removal of dissolved minerals suspended in water

    Removing the minerals present in the water is the simplest method for preventing spots from forming on the surface of the paint, therefore speeding up the cleaning process as drying is no longer required, and eliminating the chance of mineral etching of the clear coat which can be costly to repair


    Product Dimensions :

    H: 670mm

    W: 380mm (510mm with connectors)

    D: 250mm


    What's in the box :

    Wall-mounted water deionisation system

    TDS Meter

    Two pre-filled deionisation cartridges (high-grade virgin MB115 resin)

    Cylinder removal tool

    1 meter input/output hose complete with Hozelock quick connects


    How long will the resin last?

    There is no set answer to this question, however, we do know the main variables that contribute to resin life span.

    These are:

    • The hardness of your supply of water

    • How often do you wash your car

    • How much water you use per wash

    The list below shows how many litres of water can be expected based on differing water hardness levels

    PPM > Litres

    50   > 5860

    100 > 2930

    150 > 1950

    200 > 1460

    250 > 1180

    300 > 980

    350 > 840

    400 > 750

    450 > 650

    500 > 685

    Water usage will vary depending on if you are using a garden hose or a pressure washer (which reduces water usage). As a rule of thumb, a typical pressure washer will use 5-6 litres per minute, and a post-wash rinse will have around 3-5 minutes of total usage

    Take this as an example. Assuming 6 litres/minute and 4 minutes of usage you arrive at 24 litres per rinse. If your water supply is moderately hard at 200ppm you would get 1460 litres which equates to ~60 washes before the resin needs replacing. This gives over a year of washing every weekend before you need to consider changing your resin


    We would expect you to look into changing the filters or replacing the resin when the TDS Meter reads 10ppm to ensure you don't get unwanted watermarks are present



    Compatible With:

    K 7/120, K 7/122, 10/120, 10/122 Silent 120, Silent 122, 1152 ts 1152 tst ,


    Alternative part numbers :- 133003, 133003.0, 13.3003.0

  • Technical Data:

    Inlet 3/4” male

    Outlet 3/4” female

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