• Pyramid Car Care x UBV 3 Year Ceramic Coating 50ml

    Long-awaited collab between Urban Valets & Pyramid car care.

    "What’s happening people, it’s only me, UBV! I’m proud to introduce to you all the long-awaited collaboration coating by myself and the pyramid car care team. We felt nobody was filling the gap for a strong, durable and hella glossy coating that’s brilliant indoors for unit-based detailing, but also easy to apply and quick drying for the mobile detailers. 3 years of protection from a single application, how’s that for a win? Welcome to the New Era of detailing!"


    Professional Ceramic Coating with 3 Year Longevity,

    Single Layer Coating for Speed and Efficiency, 

    Cures in a Super Fast 4 Hours.

    9H Hardness


    Apply New Era Ceramic Coating by hand in 15-20 minutes in a unit or outdoors. Mobile detailers – we got you.

    What you’ll need:

    1 x Microfibre applicator pad (included free with every purchase)
    1 x pair of nitrile gloves
    2 x clean microfibre cloths
    Pour 3-5 droplets onto a microfibre applicator pad and apply by hand, following a cross-hatch pattern. Wait 60 seconds for the coating to flash and the oil slick pattern to stop moving then buff off with a microfibre cloth. Once all residue is removed wipe the surface again with a second microfibre cloth.

    For a full step by step guide on how to apply the ceramic coating and how to prepare your car for ceramic coating, subscribe to the UBV online training service for detailers now available at urbanvalets.co.uk or book your place on a free ceramic coating training workshop at the UBV training institute. Limited spaces are available.


    What’s the difference between New Era Ceramic Coating and existing ceramic coatings (Premium and Pro)?

    We’ve taken the best of Premium and Pro to create New Era Ceramic Coating – while this product shares similarities with Premium and Pro this is a new ceramic coating designed for beginners, valeters and mobile detailers supported by online training and free training workshops with UBV.

    You can expect a stronger surface bond than Premium for a stronger more durable coating with more resistance to chemicals, UV, light scratches and swirl marks. A minimum of 3 years longevity putting New Era in the middle of Premium and Pro. Quick and easy application allowing beginners, valeters and mobile detailers to compete in the ceramic coating market – we couldn’t make it any easier!

    Premium Ceramic Coating – 2 years durability
    New Era Ceramic Coating – 3 years durability
    Pro Ceramic Coating – 5 years durability
    The durability of each product is based on the minimum life expectancy of each coating.

    Does it come with an applicator?

    Yes, included is a FREE microfibre applicator pad.




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