• Onitsarse Clay Bar 200g

    Comes in a hefty 200gram pack Medium abrasion with extra grab qualities to help lift and remove practically all contaminates within your paintwork.  To be used in conjunction with ONITSARSE Clay Bar Lube (LUBED)

    If you want to detail your car, then you need to prep your paintwork first!

    Directions of use: Wear protective gloves/clothing/eye/face protection.

    Start by using a flattened piece of clay with two fingers.

    Rub the lubricated panel, you will feel some grab as the clay passes the surface this is the clay removing contaminates, continue until work area is smooth like velvet!

    Do not allow the clay bar to stick to the paintwork (avoid using too much pressure when rubbing).

    Do not allow clay bar to become too contaminated, frequently check the clay and fold over to re use the same piece etc.

    Once paintwork is smooth, buff off lubricant and continue to next section until the required panel or vehicle is done.

    Once complete you can polish and wax.

    Marring may occur when clay barring, compound polishes would be your next step after this to correct the paintwork.


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