Mobile Detailer HD 7/122 Pack Full - Quick Release

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  • KRANZLE HD 7/122 

     Included in the kit:

    HD 7/122
    20m High-Pressure Hose
    Quick Release Gun and Lance (choice long or short)
    Quick Release Under Body Lance
    Quick Release Kranzle Foam Bottle
    Water Inlet Filter
    2 Sets Quick Release Hose To Gun & Hose to Machine
    1l Drizzle Protect


    The Kranzle HD 7/122 is perfect for a mobile valet business small footprint in the van with one of the most reliable & robust pumps in the market.  The 7/122 can suck water from a water tank fitted in the vehicle, and the 4 pole motor uses a lower power consumption so a lower kVa generator is needed making it perfect for a self-contained mobile detailer business.

    why Quick release 20m High-Pressure Hose:

    We added the Quick release 20m of high-pressure hose can easily reach around the cars you plan to wash because 10m just wasnt long enough, when finished it can be quickly disconnected so the hose and gun so they can be neatly placed for transport to the next job.

    why Quick release lance:

    unscrewing the lance from the gun wastes your time and puts added wear onto the orings, once you have tried quick release you will wonder how you managed without it. Choice of long or short guns.

    Foam Bottle:

    Don't waste your chemicals, foam lances produce a very thick blanket of foam which sticks to the surface very well, helping to break down the build-up of traffic film for longer than other methods and also has very impressive looking results.

    Underbody lance:

    Cars have lots of hard to reach areas with a normal straight lance such as wheel arches & under-chassis, show your customers that you clean more thoroughly.

    Drizzle protect:

    Free 1l sample bottle NERTA Drizzle Protect, a high quality formula which protects the lacquer and gives a water-repellent and sparkling effect. Guaranteed colour intensity. Moreover it protects your vehicle against winter influences.

    why a water filter:

    A water tank can get grit and debris into it over time if this gets sucked into the pump it will stop the machine from working and possibly cause damage, this, in turn, would cost to time and money while the machine is being repaired.




    Alternative part numbers :- 41730QR, 41730QRShort, 41730QRLong  

  • Technical Data: 

    Operating pressure adjustable bar / MPa: 30-120 / 3-12

    Max. admissible overpressure bar / MPa: 135 / 13.5

    Connected load, V / ~ / Hz / A: 230 / 1 / 50 / 7.5

    Motor speed Rpm: 1400

    Water output l/min & l/h: 7 / 420

    Power intake / Power output kW: 1.6 / 1.0

    Power supply cable, m: 5

    Dimensions (L x W x H) mm: 440 x 200 x 330

    Weight (kg): 22

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