KRANZLE Turbokiller Lance 600mm 055

  • KRANZLE 055 Turbokiller Lance 600mm order no. 41.072 4


    Dirtkiller lances and Turbokiller lances work in the same way; the Turbokiller lances are physically larger than the Dirtkiller lances. They are simply bigger, designed for machines pumping out higher volumes of water.

    The concentrated spinning jet creates a more powerful ripping force, and rotatating around its central point covers a much bigger area of coverage.Maximum impact pressure over a larger area than previously possible.


    Technical Data:

    Nozzle 055

    Max 25 l/min

    Max 250 bar

    Max 80 °C


    Compatible With:

    Therm C 15/150


    Alternative part numbers :- 410724, 41072.4, 41.072.4

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