KRANZLE Therm CA 11/130

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  • KRANZLE Therm CA 11/130 Compact Pressure Washer order no. 626000 - with 20m hose reel 626010

    The CA 11/130 is an excellent compact design, and a powerful hot and cold pressure washer running on 240 volt Durable design for industrial and commercial use. Whilst most users will experience no problems using the standard 13amp plug in some areas that are some distance from a sub-station or if the mains power voltage drops a little at times of high demand in their area the machine can draw more amps.  This is also true where extension cables are used.  In these circumstances, we recommend the use of 16amp plugs and include one free of charge for this purpose.


    Features & Benefits:

    Operating panel arranged for good overview, with adjustable rotary thermostat for controlling the water temperature

    Removable covers, protect the mechanical components from environmental factors and provide convenient access

    Cleaning agent intake, injector system for dispensing of cleaning agents

    Pressure regulation, fully adjustable control allows operating pressures to be set to suit any task

    Parking brake, for a secure stationary position


    Alternative part numbers :- 41460, 41460.0, 41460.0,  414606, 414606.0, 414606.0


  • Technical Data:

    Operating pressure adjustable bar / MPa: 30-130 / 3-13

    Max. admissible overpressure bar / MPa: 145 / 14.5

    Connected load, V / ~ / Hz / A: 230 / 1 / 50 / 15

    Motor speed Rpm: 1400

    Water output l/min & l/h: 11 / 660

    Power intake / Power output kW: 3.4 / 2.3

    Volume water tank l: 4

    Hot water output adjustable °C: 12-82

    Steam level °C: 140

    Heating output kW: 55

    Fuel tank (l): 25

    Power supply cable, m: 5

    Dimensions (L x W x H) mm: 790 x 590 x 980

    Weight (kg): 150


    Steel braided high-pressure hose (m) 10

    Trigger gun with safety catch (model) M2000

    Stainless steel lance with flat jet nozzle (nozzle size) D25045

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