• KRANZLE Therm 891 ST Static Pressure Washer order no. 41.352 5


    Kranzle 895 ST series machine is an excellent modern sleek stainless steel design, a good size and fantastic quality, exactly what you'd expect when they are built to order. This Kranzle ST High Pressure Cleaner is a big, solid and very well made machine that weighs over 200 kgs. It is a powerful hot and cold pressure washer running on 3-Phase power supply (415 volt). Durable design for industrial and commercial use, best suited for factory use.

    Housing made of stainless steel

    Coin checking device and remote control for various cleaning programs (optional extra)

    7.5m power lead

    Stainless steel lance with flat jet nozzle

    Total-stop system with delayed motor cut-out

    Additional electrical over-current protection

    Water flow monitoring

    Pre-aeration of combustion chamber

    Visual flame monitoring

    Safety thermostat triggers at emission temperatures above 230°

    4-way safety system with overload protection

    Low fuel cut off for burner

    Operating hours meter

    Switch for cleaning agent pump

    Exhaust gas chimney Ø 200 mm

    High pressure detergent

    Automatic hose reel for up to 28m steel braided high pressure hose (optional extra)


    Technical Data:

    Power supply: 3 Phase

    Operating Pressure: 30-195 bar / 3-19.5 MPa

    Max admissible overpressure: 215 bar / 21.5 MPa

    Water output: 14.9 l/m (895 l/h)

    Hot water output: 12 - 86 °C

    Steam level: max 155 °C

    Heating output: 65 kW

    Fuel tank capacity monitoring: 25 litres

    Motor speed: 1400 rpm

    Connected load: 12 A, 50 Hz

    Power intake / power output: 7.5 kW / 5.5 kW

    Weight: 235kg



    10m steel braided hose

    Trigger gun starlet with safety catch

    Flat jet lance

    Total-stop system with delayed motor cut-out

    Safety Cut out

    Water Flow Monitoring

    Optical flame monitoring system

    Safety thermostat triggers at emission temperatures above 230 ºC

    Low fuel cut off for burner

    Low pressure chemical


    Alternative part numbers :- 413525, 41352.5, 41.352.5

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