• KRANZLE 2x 10m Single Wire Steel Braided High Pressure Hose For Cold Water Pressure Washers order no. 43.416

    There are benefits of having 2x 10m hoses opposed to 1x 20m hose

    • if one of the 10m hose burst you can still finish the job with the other 10m hose while you wait for the replacement to be delivered.
    • if you don't need to use 20m hose you can just the one 10m and save wear and tear on the other

    You will receive 2x 10m hose and 1x hose joiner the hose is a genuine Kranzle Steel braided, rubber coated, Kranzle easy grip M22 connections, For Cold Water Pressure Washers.


    Technical Data:


    Length 10m

    210 bar (21MPa)

    Single Wire

    Inlet M22 female

    Outlet M22 female


    Compatible With:

    K 7/120, K 7/122, K 10/120, K 10/122, HD 9/80, 12/130, Silent 120, Silent 122, K 1151, K1152, K 2160 – K 2175 TS


    Alternative part numbers :- 43416, 43416.0, 43.416.0

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