• KRANZLE 2 + 2 Power Sweeper order no. 50076


    Kranzle 2+2 Sweeper Demo


    Kranzle 2+2 manual powered sweeper, with its double brush sweep action cleans up floors It is faster and more efficient than you can possibly be when using a broom. Reduces the amount of dust produced using microfilters Brilliant results with minimum effort. This machine is versatile, robust and easy to use.


    Features & Benefits

    Folding push handle, for space saving storage

    Storage bin, made of impact-proof plastic

    Continuously height adjustable side brushes

    Counter-rotating side brushes sweep debris to centre


    Alternative part numbers :- 50076, 50076.0, 50.076.0

  • Technical Data:

    Working width mm: 800

    Volume storage bin (l): 40

    Weight kg: 16

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