Genuine Kranzle Backstroke Non Return Valve Kit

Seen it Cheaper?
  • KRANZLE Genuine Backstroke Non Return Valve Kit Order No. Ball Kit One

    Kit Consists Of:

    1x Pos. 7 (Oring 150051), 1x Pos. 34 (Spring 141201), 1x Pos. 11 (Ball 13148), 1x Pos. 10 (Clip 13147), 1x Pos. 9 (Seat 14118), 1x Pos. 8 (Oring 12256).

    Machine blows the fuse in idle mode after use, but between going back to re-use? No visible external leaks? Unloader moving in and out while gun trigger closed?

    If it is an internal leak, it is more dificult to spot. It is most likely that this non-return valve kit has some dirt, or debris blocking the seat from forming a proper seal. Or it is possible that these items have worn on an old machine and require replacing.

    Compatible With: K 7 120, K 10/120, K 1150, K 1150 TST, K 1151, K 1151 TST, Silent 120

    Alternative part numbers :- 150051, 141201, 13148, 13147, 14118, 12256

    For more information contact :- Kranzle Aquaspray on 01925 44 44 64

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