KRANZLE Round Cleaner UFO Long With Wheels

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  • KRANZLE Round Cleaner UFO Long With Wheels order no. QR 41881 M22 41851

    The Round Cleaner UFO is designed for easy and splash-proof cleaning of paved floor areas like entrances, pavements, terraces etc. and walls. Housing parts made of synthetic material resistant to shock and impact, fixing screws and guiding rods made of brass, water leading components made of brass

    Lightweight design

    Please note this does not work well with a 7/122 we can change the nozzle to 035 but will run at a lower pressure


    Features & Benefits:

    For small to medium sized surfaces

    Wheels for ease of use

    2 rotary high pressure nozzles

    Splash protection due to rubber rim

    working width 300 mm to be used horizontally and on walls


    Compatible With:

    K 10/120, HD 10/122, HD 12/130, K 1151, K 1151 T, K 1152, K 2160 TS T, K 2175 TS T, K 2195 TS T, Profi 160 TS T, Profi 175 TS T, Profi 195 TS T, Quadro 11/140 TS T, 12/150 TS T, Quadro 9/170 TS T, Quadro 599 TS T, Therm CA 11/130, 12/150, Therm C 11/130, 13/180

    This is NOT compatible with the 1050 Range or XA range(d10 quick release)


    Alternative part numbers :- 41881, 41881.0, 41.881.0

  • Technical Data: 

    Diameter mm 300

    Operating Pressure max. Bar/MPa 180/18

    Water Output max. l/min 12

    Temperature °C 60

    Weight kg 2.2

    Inlet D12 Quick Release

    Nozzle Size 045 

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