K 10/122 (Standard) Full Service Kit SK10/122

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  • K 10/122 (Standard) Full Service Kit SK10/122

    This preventative maintenance service kit for the non-automatic 10/122 will keep your machine running like new it also would solve 75% of pressure faults & replaces most wear parts.

    Diagrams and instructions are included however if you have any problems we can arrange a video call to talk you through the process. this is a unique service that only we offer.

    Kit Includes:

    Non-return system
    Solves Short cycling or Surging.

    Unloader/Pressure regulator
    Solves Short cycling, Surging & Low pressure.

    Valve Orings
    Solves slight juddering from worn o-rings.

    Oil sight glass with O-ring
    Clear glass to see the oil and a new seal to prevent leaks.

    Green Type O-rings for the gun & hose
    Solves leaking hose from trapped O-rings.

    Knife Jet lance nozzle M20042
    Ensures full & max pressure from worn nozzles.

    Switch cover (frame and rubber membrane)
    Ensures an excellent & water-resistant seal for the electrical switch.

    Water inlet filter & coupling
    The coupling prevents air leaks into the system & the filter prevents debris from getting into the pump.

    Easy start Piston
    Solves no pressure & ensures correct operation

    Please Note: Only fits the 10/122 standard, this does not fit any other machine 


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