Kranzle Standard - Original Ultimate Bundle

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  • Kranzle - Ultimate Bundle For Detailers & Valeters

    Step One - Choose the machine you would like

    7/122 STANDARD 

    10/122 STANDARD

    Step Two - Choose if you would like to add the long gun and lance

    No Extras or add Long Gun and lance

    Step Three - Choose if you would like a Dirtkiller lance

    Choose from No Dirtkiller, Stub Dirtkiller or Long Dirtkiller


    What you get:-

    • optional Kranzle 7/122 or 10/122 std (continuous running)
    • Quick Release Short Suttner ST2300 Gun with swivel inlet
    • Quick Release Short lance
    • Manual Hose Reel
    • 1m Pigtail Hose
    • 20m Quality High-Pressure Hose Lightweight, Flexible & Durable 
    • Quick Release Suttner ST73.1 Foam Lance
    • Spare Bottle For The Foam Lance complete with lid
    • optional: Original M2000 Gun Trigger & 500mm Lance
    • optional: Original short or long Dirtkiller Lance


    Hose reel

    The painted steel lockable high-pressure hose reel comes with a Flexible, Lightweight & Durable 20m high-pressure hose that can be easily fitted by yourself to the reel, it is also long enough to reach all the way around the car, fitted with a rubber end cuff to prevent unnecessary wear or kinks & includes a 1m pigtail connection hose to your machine. 

    Suttner ST2300 Gun

    The German-made quality gun trigger is fully compatible with the original Kranzle D12 quick release system, it boasts a stainless steel swivel inlet to reduce hose tangling

    Short lance

    The short D12 quick-release lance is fitted with either a 15-degree, 25 degree or 40-degree nozzle, if you would like to choose then please mention it in the notes field of your order they can always be changed later at a cost of £11

    Suttner ST73.1 Foam Lance

    The choice of foam lance for Urban Valets this foam lance is adjustable for detergent concentration, it's fitted with the D12 quick release & has Stainless Steel Internals, we also include a spare bottle and lid so you can use two different chemicals like Snow Foam & Hydro Ceramic Wax


    Optional Extras:

    Original Long Lance & Gun

    Choice Of Stub Dirtkiller For The Wheel Arches or Long Dirtkiller For Patios


    Please note: some simple self-assembly is required to fit and mount the hose and the hose reel

    Tip: 7/122 is Ideal If you are a Mobile detailer and using water from a tank and or using a generator  


    Features & Benefits:

    Pressure regulation. Fully adjustable control allows operating pressures to be set to suit any task

    Practical carrying handle, Portable, and space-saving compact design.



  • Technical Data: 

    Operating pressure adjustable bar / MPa: 30-120 / 3-12

    Max. admissible overpressure bar / MPa: 135 / 13.5

    Connected load, V / ~ / Hz / A: 230 / 1 / 50 / 7.5

    Motor speed Rpm: 1400

    Water output l/min & l/h: 7 / 420

    Power intake / Power output kW: 1.6 / 1.0

    Power supply cable, m: 5

    Dimensions (L x W x H) mm: 440 x 200 x 330

    Weight (kg): 23

    Decibes: 84dB

    Equipment To Choose: 

    Steel braided high-pressure hose (m) 10 - 15 - 20

    Trigger gun with safety catch (model) M2000, Quick Release Long, Quick Release Short.

    Dirtkiller lance (nozzle size) 028 (please call)

    Stainless steel lance with flat jet nozzle (nozzle size) M20028, Quick Release Long, Quick Release Short.

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