KRANZLE HD K 10/122 Pressure Washer

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  • KRANZLE HD K 10/122 Pressure Washer

    Designed for the Hire Trade where its heavy duty, low maintenance and exceptionally long life expectancy is a must. These have gone on to become very popular with mobile car valet companies not excluding within the home for cleaning driveways etc

    Can withstand voltage fluctuations of up to approx 10%

    Tip: Ideal If you are running electric power straight from the mains and water from a Tap


    Features & Benefits:

    Total-stop system, Auto-shutdown feature improves seal life span and reduces power consumption

    4-Pole electrical motor, Heavy duty induction motors offer quiet operating sound levels and provide maximum life expectancy

    Pressure regulation. Fully adjustable control allows operating pressures to be set to suit any task

    Practical carrying handle, Portable and space saving compact design 



    (TS) Total Stop Automatic

    Dirtkiller Lance

    Foam Lance


    Alternative part numbers :- 41731, 417311, 41733, 417331.

  • Technical Data:

    Operating pressure adjustable bar / MPa: 30-120 / 3-12

    Max. admissible overpressure bar / MPa: 135 / 13.5

    Connected load, V / ~ / Hz / A: 230 / 1 / 50 / 11

    Motor speed Rpm: 2800

    Water output l/min & l/h: 10 / 600

    Power intake / Power output kW: 2.5 / 1.8

    Power supply cable, m: 5

    Dimensions (L x W x H) mm: 440 x 200 x 330

    Weight (kg): 23


    Steel braided high-pressure hose (m) 10

    Trigger gun with safety catch (model) M2000

    Dirtkiller lance (nozzle size) 042

    Stainless steel lance with flat jet nozzle (nozzle size) M20042

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