Genuine Kranzle 40uf Motor Run Capacitor (43035)

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  • Genuine Kranzle 40uf Motor Run Capacitor 43035

    Motor Humming? Motor Buzzing? Motor Stalling? Blowing Fuses?

    The easiest thing to check is that the motor is free to turn. You can usually fit a screwdriver or something similar (while the machine is unplugged) through the fan casing to see if the fan wheel turns (it should not freely spin, there will be some resistance) but it should turn. If it does not, then something has seized inside, you can have a look yourself, send the machine to us, if your within our call out area we can come to you or it is time to find your nearest supplier.

    Alternatively if the fan turns, it sounds like the capacitor has failed. Most users that need to order a replacement capacitor have reported that they normally use the machine powered by an extension cable; so you may want to upgrade your extension cable if you need a new starting capacitor.

    It is a pretty easy task to exchange the capacitor, please refer to the parts diagrams for help if you want to take the task on yourself, it does not matter which way you connect the wires of the capacitor when replacing.


    Alternative part numbers :- 43035, 43035.0, 43.035.0, if, italfarau, made in italy, rp-3, 40uf, 40 uf, +-5%, 40040, sh po, sh p0, 50/60 Hz, 25-13, 2513, 500 v ~ d 25/085/21, 450 v ~ b 25/085/21, 400 v ~ a 25/085/21, ip 55, i p55, dve, en 60752, ce

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    Kranzle Aquaspray on 01925 44 44 64

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