Its On Its Arse!

Its On Its Arse!

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On Its Arse Car Care Products

Established in 2015, They serve the car detailing community with their unique car care products such as Project X Quick Detailer that smells just like the aftershave One Million


Project x is a stand alone quick detailer.  It leaves a silky smooth finish whilst enriching gloss and enhancing that mirror like finish.  It safely removes light dusting and gives you that winning edge if you're at a show.

Did we mention it smells like ONE MILLION!


Products For Body Work

On Its Arse - PH Zero

The ultimate Ph neutral snowfoam. No scent, no colour, no BS



On its Arse - Purple Glaze

On Its Arse - Purple Glaze

Purple Glaze is a perfected blend of quick detailer.




Wheels & Tyres

onitsarse - Wraith

On Its Arse - Wraith

With a pleasant grape scent, Wraith is an alkaline-based wheel gel that quickly brakes down dirt and accumulated brake dust on alloy wheels a pleasant grape scent.

On Its Arse - Tyre Glaze

This tyre-shine is a unique blend that keeps your tyres looking fresh and new for up to 3 weeks. you’ll notice your tyres are beading



Glass Cleaner


On Its Arse - Nano Screen Wash

New formula OnItsArse just made this product even better! It cleans your glass better, It seals your glass better

On Its Arse - S10 Glass Ceramic Kit

S10 is a ceramic glass coating with easy application anyone from novice to professional can use this, at home or in the studio! if applied correctly will last up-to 12 months




Interior Products


OnitsArse - Rejuvenate

On Its Arse - Rejuvenate

A complex blend of silicone and solvents that rejuvenate your old plastic bumpers from a tarnished grey to a solid black with added gloss. It can also be used on tyres on show days for that extra gloss finish.



Will also promote beading



On its Arse - Lush Leather

On Its Arse - Lush Leather

A unique detergent for cleaning and freshening of leather upholstery and trim.




Wax & Polish


On its Arse - Angel Delight

On Its Arse - Angel Delight

This superior deep gloss car polish is a complex blend of waxes and glossing agents specifically designed for paintwork

On Its Arse - Buff Out

 On Its Arse - Buff Out

The perfect all-in-one polish. Enriched with Carnauba wax, its easy application will deep clean paintwork and add a protective layer of carnauba wax in one simple step